About Maxx

One Happy Maxx

One Happy Maxx (Photo courtesy of Carol Kuna)


Meet Maxx

You might be wondering who is that pissed off dog in the site logo and at the beginning of every video made by Mad Maxx Productions.  Simply put that dog is our namesake, Maxx.  Maxx, God rest his soul, was my dog for a good number of years.  He was a wonderful dog, awesome great friend and beloved family member.  Maxx was great to have around and some of my fondest memories now are memories that really pissed me off when they happened.  One such memory was the way he dashed out the front door anytime it was opened for more than half a second; once outside he happily engaged me in a game he liked to call “see if you can catch me”.  I do not know what made me more mad about this, the fact that I had to chase him or the fact that he made me realize just how out of shape I was.  Fortunately I eventually learned that when he got out the best thing to do was not to chase him; but instead to run into the house and grab his leash.  Once he saw his leash he would come running because nothing beats a walk outside the house!  It is just a good thing for me his dog smarts never increased to the point that he realized that he was already walking (running) outside the house.

Freya thinks she's people

Freya thinks she’s people

People often ask me, “how did you get him to growl like that?”  Simply put, I pissed him off.  How did I piss him off you ask?  You see Maxx really loved the rawhide bones we would buy for him and his sister Freya (pictured right).  He would obsessively focus on his bone and once finished he would proceed to steal Freya’s when she wasn’t looking.  Now Maxx was a kind and gentle dog and I could take his bone away from him at anytime, if necessary, without any issue.  However one day I discovered that if I instead pretended that I was going to take the bone away without actually taking it from him he would growl at me.  It was I game I grew fonder of and he grew angrier about until one day I took the video you see at the beginning of every Mad Maxx Production.

Below I have added the complete raw footage I took of Maxx getting Mad at me for pretending to take his rawhide bone. Although this video shows a very Mad Maxx, it also shows what a good, loving and patient dog he was. He never snapped at me once for picking on him and at the end he was very content when pet him on his head for being such a good dog by getting Mad on cue.