Mad Maxx Productions Announces Redesigned Website Theme

Mad Maxx Productions is proud to announce a newly redesigned website theme and new features. The new website theme makes navigating the website easier and will allow the visitor to find information quicker. The new front page will give visitors a more detailed preview of the latest post in each category; blogs and videos.

Register for a free account

In addition to the new design, we have implemented a new feature that requires a login to view certain posts. Adding this feature gives users added incentive to create a free account and participate by commenting on the posts. Click here to register for a FREE account.

New Categories

We also have some new items that will be coming soon to our website. We have two new categories of items that we will be adding to our posts; Short Stories and Podcasts. I am reigniting my passion for creating sick and twisted, but often comical, short stories. Short Stories will be a new category of post that will be added to the website in the near future and will be updated often. We will have a minimum of two short stories added per month starting in August.

Mad Maxx Productions Podcast

Mad Maxx Productions is proud to announce that James Weber will be hosting his own podcast titled, Family, Life, and Filmmaking. The Mad Maxx Productions Family, Life, and Filmmaking podcast is about trying to break into the no-budget filmmaking scene while juggling all the complexities of life. This podcast will be about my family, I have a wife, a stepson and seven beautiful adopted children and this podcast will be about my family; especially with regards to how they work into my filmmaking passion. This podcast will also be about life; the complexities of life can pose many challenges with regards to filmmaking; a day job being just one of many of the complexities of life that will be discussed in this podcast. Finally, the podcast will be about filmmaking, specifically Mad Maxx Productions projects but not necessarily limited to Mad Maxx Productions projects.

More to come

Other new features of the website planned for the near future is integrating the website with Patreon so we can create posts limited to users who support us on Patreon; a newsletter to ensure you are always the first to know when we post new content; and we have more features we are looking into that will be announced in the future.

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